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Friday, October 2, 2015

Blog Layout done!

That was a lot of work, but I am happy with the results of the new layout. This is also a test post to see the color and font look so I can adjust it accordingly.

I still have alot of work on making new pages to link and editing pages but I am going to take a rest for now X.x.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


So it's been quite a while but I have been crazy busy and so much is changing. I plan on revamping this ENTIRE thing.  Once I get a new picture I want to use I will be redoing the layout and deciding how I want to present my future posts.  This site will be more about fashion cute/girly/lolita/cosplay etc. I will still have my dolls here as well but they will not be the main focus, I am also cutting down on them ALOT.  

However my loss is your gain, I am selling a couple dollfie dreams at the moment for more info you can contact me

- DD Basic 04 Model with enhanced lips and ear piercing.
- DD Moe 2nd Fullset Limited Edition *she is a dd3
- DD Limited Airi Queens Blade NON fullset *comes naked with default faceup, eyes, and a random free wig.

As of now my site is in Hiatus and Under Construction

For my other Media here are the links:                                                                                                                                                                        

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dolly / Life Changes

Ah a whole new year, a new chapter in life.  So much has been going on as usual it's puzzling to find even where to start.  My diet from my doctor has been going well, I am mostly handling it and I am happy with my waist size for once in my life!  I wasn't fat before but now I feel good about myself and can even wear things I couldn't before.  I enjoy uploading photos I take to my deviant art and getting nice reactions on them, photography is something I really would like to do, that or modeling if I was given the chance.  

Anyway, I may be moving in soon with my boyfriend of 3 and a half years.  He is doing paperwork on a house, and I would be coming and going depending if he was working out of town or not.  This would be amazing for me as I love to travel and would give me something to do.  None the less of course I am nervous but overall I think it will be a good change, for the best.

Returning back to after Christmas, most of the items I received you can find in a video on my fashion page Naturally Kyute on facebook.  However I wanted to show the awesome one my boyfriend got me: A PS VITA! xoxo

Needless to say, the day after Christmas I went out and used some of my Christmas money to buy 2 games: HyperDimension Neptunia Producing Perfection and Project Diva F2 ^^.

It's now March and I am getting ready for the upcoming local con again Tekkoshocon!  Tekko 2015 is so close and I am so excited.  I will be cosplaying as Asuna from Sword Art Online with my boyfriend at my side as Kirito.  We will be staying the whole weekend and I will get to participate in the Visual Kei fashion show as a lolita *the show includes all kinds of alt fashion*. I will be attending the Luncheon and meeting the angelic pretty Model RinRin!  I hope to get a picture with her ^^.  They will also be doing the Lolita Fashion Show this year so more nice off brands and such sales in the dealers room, hope my wallet can handle it X.x
On to my dolly updates.  So my Cardcaptor Sakura doll is faceupped, however i will not be showing her til I can get her some new hands.  Sadly the hands she has will not hold her wand I had made for her, so I am going to buy new hands from volks when I can and probably use one of each so she can hold both her wand and a card ^^.

However my boy from Dollism is home!  He went to the fabulous Chi No Tenshi for some minor changes: Lip coverup and some black nails. She also removed the blushing from the hands and feet for me.  You can find her link under my affiliates located at the upper right of my page.  Introducing my boy: Tristan the Trickster 

I was also fortunate enough to find my dream dollfie dream, the Queens blade Airi for a decent price and bring her home ^^.  She is minus the outfit, wig, and scythe but thats fine as I want to make her my own character.  I just have some box images for now but next post will have more pictures of her.

So finally I wanted to note my Lolita Page name has updated and I will be updating it soon after this post.  It is now changed to Naturally Kyute, which will cover not only Lolita fashion, but other cute fashion and cosplay as well.

Thats all I have for now guys, I will be seeing you after Tekkoshocon for more postage, bye for now ^^.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Holidays & Miracles!

Happy Holidays ^^, I am back to get one more post in before Christmas time. As usual I have TONS to catch you guys up on. Were going to start with I got my test results back! From the unpleasant testing it is apparent I have the following *you may look things up if your more curious about the conditions*:leaky gut syndrome, adrenal fatigue, a good bacteria I was supposed to have and never did and some low levels in other bacterias. They noted something about my blood sugar going down but i am still not conclusive of what that may be, I also have to discontinue the use of the pill due to it rising my estrogen levels exponentially and putting me at risk for cancer. *yes cancer I was shocked too* All in all however, this special diet I am on should heal my gut overtime and help with some of my other symptoms such as dizziness so I am hopeful. The holidays being so near is going to be a challenge with what I can and can't eat but my mom is supportive and found a lot of good options for our Christmas dinner. The kind of diet I am on is specified to me personally but loosely based off of Paleo beliefs, it's actually more strict then Paleo is to start with until more foods are introduced back. None the less I am excited for Christmas I wish it was here already >< !?!? 

                                                                   (yup it's me)
 Beginning of December was an Anime Convention I was really looking forward to that I have never been: Sangawa 2014! It's a Anime Con for adults 18+, there were more risque panels and drinking going on but it was a lot of fun and trust me I didn't really miss having the little kids walking around. I actually ended up drinking *due to my boyfriends generous wager* with my best friend and we both got drunk. NEVER AGAIN but it was fun and I literally stuck my tongue out each sip of that blasted smirnoff I had. Some great panels I remember were the fetishes panel, learning about Asian monster legends, Hack Sign in the video room, writing my own dating sim, and this panel where a singer made up songs based on what we requested. Besides that the room hangouts with Lizzi, Dana, Barb, Alex, Sean, Adam, and others were extremely fun. We played cards against humanity and just goofed around and had a good time. Our pictures can be found here *18+:Sangawa Photos!

Speaking of Sangawa, that's where me and my bestie Barbara exchanged Christmas gifts!  Look at the haul of awesomeness I received! 

On to dolls, I decided to sell my Reimu Hakurei DDS due to a very dream doll of mine appearing for sale *she is also a dd*.  In short she is coming home and Reimu is heading out.  I recently received a new doll skirt in this awesome trade I did, lucky enough she was an etsy seller with some skills and I got a nice skirt out of it!  My awesome friend Meredith send me a cute hoodie thats blue with a heart on it for my dollies, and that's about all the items for them recently they got TONS at Dollism.

My boy is almost paid off, Soom Dimo will be coming home soon: $220/$300

Also my FCS SYSTEM is home!  Her head is off getting a face up from the talented Chi No Tenshi *check my affiliate links.*  However, I have some box opening pics cause I found it a special occasion, so enjoy ^^. 

If your new to my blog website you can find my lolita page here:

I post pictures of my coords, updates, etc and I promote certain resellers so you'll find lots of good off brand stuff for sale.  If your interested in lolita or lolita pics you def should check it out ^^.

Until next time lovelies, have a happy holiday and a merry new year!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Doctors, Conventions, & Dolls oh my! all, long time no type!  Not going to lie my sickness just seems to get worst and I seem to get more random crap along the way.  I am FINALLY finding some spare time *and gathering up all the energy I currently have* to write this for you.  So before we start I do want to let you know I've been diving deeper into lolita fashion and find a sense of calm and beauty in it.  Working on my lolita page makes me happy so if you could take a moment and go over and like my page I'd totally appreciate it ^o^.  It will also benefit you if you like lolita as I post updates from the shopping service I officially promote: Loli Loli Paradise! I also Promote for my friends Jewelry and Hair Accessories lizzkitt3hjewelry!

So then as far as doctors go, I went to a functional medicine seminar my mum found an ad for in the mail.  I called and was told I qualify and we got to enjoy a free healthy dinner (Salad, Chicken, Rice, Fruit Cup, Beverages etc..) and listened to what the doctor does and can do for people.  After the seminar I was very lightheaded and ill feeling, my mother had to help me to get up to walk.  We decided it was important for me to get a consult by the doctor and see if he can help me, the consult rate was at a special price for the seminar.  So in short we went, I was accepted and now I am on my way to good health!  Its starting with some tests and I have to write a food and medication log every day.  I've had 2 apts so far and feel good about it, there understanding people who have your best interest at heart.  To learn more about functional medicine Doctor Cole's website is located here:

If you are not in the area Doctor Cole does skype calls and can assist anyone no matter where they live.  If your suffering tried everything else and are serious about getting healthy please go to the website and see if this may be right for you.  To Health!

So I did end up getting some Comic Con pics. I had to go alone as my friend was sick, but I still had a good time.  I found some anime, met some new people, and even hugged Verne Troyer ^^.  Oh and course I found batman tehe

The one booth had a nice selection of anime items, I was shocked! (below)


Of course the mandatory Haul aka stuff I bought picture ^_^

Not to long after Comic Con it finally arrived, DOLLISM 2014 in NY!  I had such an amazing time with my best friend Barbara.  We stayed at the Doubletree Hotel in Buffalo, New York and the staff was fantastic!  They provided shuttle service to the Hyatt Hotel which is where the convention was held.  We went to Niagara Falls on the group trip that Dollism offered on Friday.  It was beautiful, we did the cave of the winds tour and got upclose and personal with the falls.  I have so many pics from Dollism so I am only going to post some up here, for more you can view my album: Dollism 2014

Finally we come to the last con Zombie Fest 2014!  I have never been to one of these kind of con's before so it was a new experience.  I met up with my good friend Lizzi and was introduced to all kinds of people through her.  It was so fun they had different kinds of creepy crafts, a band, lots of people in costumes etc.  Lizzi brought cards against humanity and a bowl of candy OO, probably going to try to go next year as well.  Here is a couple of the pics we took.


Before I head out *yes I know this is late I apologize*  I have some news on dolls to go over ^^.  At Dollism I bought a beautiful soom Dimo I am paying off from a kind lady in room sales, he should be coming home beginning of next year some time.  More currently however, I am waiting on a volks fcs system to ship home as my new reshell of Cardcaptor Sakura!  She is a volks msd girl and when she gets home the talented Chi No Tenshi will be commissioning her faceup.  For more info on Chi please refer to my Affiliates button on the home page *theres a heart next to it ^^*.  Ok well thats all we have this segment stay tuned for more, I also plan on opening some kind of thing for my photography to be featured in and hopefully start being able to take photos of others for my portfolio!  Ja Ne until next time! *Also about the mystery doll, She was a volks sd cutie Mina but I didn't win her from the Lottery so I won't be getting her at least for now*

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

~Bday/Craziness & Cons~

So before we get to the Birthday I have some Craziness to Discuss with you all.  My dizziness has been horrible recently, So I saw an Endocrinologist who wanted me to get Blood Work and such.  Well I failed miserably at trying to do that and now I have weird stomach cramping problems that are especially unhappy when I eat things X.x.  Sickness and feeling weak/miserable, is why it can take me so long sometimes to get these posts up, but I am trying my best! I do appreciate anyone who reads my stuff!

*I received a lot of my money for my Birthday and bought tons of new Lolita!  Please like my page and go here to check out new info on Lolita and Coords^^  Click Here!

                              Learn Japanese~Ichigo means Strawberry!                                       

 I started to get these Japanese
snack assortments in the mail!  

They are sample size quantities and I think healthier then large American snacks which I'm cutting down on.  This month's assortment is to your right>

I feel I got a pretty good hall can you name most of them?

I decided to get some new things before having to save most of it for Dollism and a secret*. *keep reading ^^*  Here is a comprised picture of some of my goodies ^^

*I actually will be buying a new doll sometime soon ^^.  She is the *secret* Unless you can guess this picture correctly, your going to have to wait til she comes home ^^.*

Before this post ends wanting to tell you guys I will be attending Steel City Comic Con this Saturday!  I will be wearing a cute new Lolita coord!  I will try to get some pictures for you all, I never been to a Comic Con before so I'm really excited!

See you soon JA NE!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beautifully Summer:::

Hello there!  It's ALMOST my birthday so I wanted to get one more post in before that ^^.  (I'll be turning 25 ugh X.x)  Anywho, I have a decent amount of updates to go over so lets get started shall we?

First we'll start with the really exciting stuff, I have all my pictures uploaded from my Florida vacation and FAE anime con 2014!  

Click Here for FAE 2014 photos!

So even though FAE is a smaller con and I didn't buy much the 2 things I did buy are so adorable ^^.  A Sailor Venus plushie and Nyanpire wallet ^o^.

Near the end of July due to my dizzyness issues I get to see an Endocrnologist, we believe my blood pressure drops and we hope to find a solution to better my health.  I however, am scared though as I prob will have to do blood tests for a variety of things.

At least I have something to look forward to though, it's official that i'm attending Dollism Plus USA in New York in September!  I am going with my best friend forever Barbara, and we have bus tickets and our Dollism tickets, we have our hotel booked etc etc!  

That is why I am going to be selling a lot of anime things I don't need anymore along with doll things.  Please look under my Sales Page on this blog for the link to my bjd items and I will be adding a link for my anime sales there as well.  If you can't access them and don't use facebook you can go to my contact me page and email me to see what I have.

That's all til after my birthday. Stay tuned for more website updates, I will be adding more to all of my pages.  I also hope to make a page somewhere *hopefully on this blog* for my lolita pics and coords ^^.  Ja Ne friends!