Naturally Cute: March 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

*Emergen-C Updates*

Paid 1,300 owe mum 300 XP

I already have some important updates I want to go over in my blog so ta dah a post!
First off and most importantly *well to me* is my saving for a volks Lieselotte ^^.  I will update my tracker most likely *as long as I can find its password* as I continue to save and put the blood, sweat, tears into my sales to bring this lovely child home.  

 The dolls that have been sold and will be updated to the Lost never Forgotten page are as follows: Dollfie Dream Escalayer, Dollfie Dream Sakuno, and Angell Studio's Qinglin. As well as I'm expecting my newest
dolly an NT Crystal by the end of April, so excited about that ^O^. 

 As in other news I bought myself something for once! *well besides doll things and anime*
Its a little Alpaca coin purse ^^.  It seems the Alpaca's are getting popular in Lolita wear today, and I may be getting a Lolita Outfit to wear to FAE *Florida Anime Experience*  That is as long as my health holds up.  The past week I have been suffering from extreme nausea and I barely have the desire to eat anymore.  I had some nachoes and salsa and mexican rice the one night and that was really the only thing I cared about eating XD.

However, I am seeing the doctor this Monday and as long as it isn't anything serious we should be able to book our Florida get away, Heres hoping ><. This blog post was short, but sometimes I may do shorter ones more often. Hope you all are doing well and enjoy your day! See ya ^^

(The 2 hair accesories and the Sanrio Pass case were both freebie gifts from the seller!) 

Also note I have added more songs to my facebook page:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

*Change N/ Rearrange*

Life has just been insane recently ugh. I'm going to start off by saying I am going to push back reviewing the travel set AGAIN, because I have so much going on to write about and i've been having horrible tension headaches of late However I'm going to start off with my Nintendo DSI comparison review ^^

I used to own a normal Nintendo Ds the large bulky kind.  Not to long ago I bought myself a nintendo DSI.  Now if you want to get yourself a DSI or even a 3DS you must check out walmart's value pack. You can find them here Value Packs.

 When I bought mine I was able to get a system with 3 ds games and a game holder!  It's a great deal.  Now onto comparisons, these are some of the things i've noticed that the DSI has that the DS does not: The big one being 2 internal cameras which you can take pictures from the front or back of the system, they have a sound studio where you can record and mess with sounds, a shop app which you can purchase things, a web browser, and a flip note studio where you can create your own flipnotes! Needless to say I find the DSI alot better then the DS, mine is also a slim which is a nice size indeed.


So next up I am going to give you some life updates, I am going to be in a wedding!  My dear friend Morgan is getting married on June 1st and I just recently picked up my dress and were going to go back and get alterations soon. We got our dresses at David's Bridal and me and morgan's sister along with her friend Liz and another friend will have alternating black and iris purple dresses in the same style ^^.  It would be hard to show off the dress without me wearing it so I will show you just the shoes for now. Aren't they pretty?!

 In April I will be attending Tekkoshocon even though I didn't plan to this year.  If all goes well I will be in a panel with my friend Heather.  I will be portraying Integra when she was younger from the anime Hellsing.  I am also supposed to cosplay as Rin from Inuyasha too, so we'll see what happens with that XD.  Also on the note of cosplay *might be going to Florida Anime Experience or *FAE* again this year depending on if mum can get everything worked out.  If I do go I am probably going to be purchasing some lolita soon to wear ^^.

All my Little Twin Stars stuff has finally come in so I wanted to share ^^. 
(Towels, File Folder, and Mouse pad with gel wrist rest)

 On to dolls!  Due to me selling 2 dolls lately, *yes I did part with 2 more* I have a lot of incoming money from layaways so I spoiled my dolls a little bit and have some new incoming stuff mainly outfits but also a new doll on the way!  You'll have to stay tuned to future posts to find out more about her ^^.  Note, the dolls that have sold will soon be added to the lost never forgotten page for your viewing pleasure. 

 I have sold alot of the doll outfits I have been listing lately ^^, I still have to go through more clothes and decide what stays and what goes but the room is getting somewhat cleaner from all my sales yay!

So I said I have been getting a lot of volks wigs lately last post, I decided to share them with you ^^.

The first one I got in a Christmas swap, while the 2nd I bought for a future doll.

The one in this other picture is from a default volks doll I purchased.

 There is a ridiculous amount of free space right here so I am going to write a little poem ^^ to my dolls.

Falling like delicate roses from a frozen sky, I open my arms to catch you,
Your eyes look into mine and I embrace you,
When I am broken down,  the look of your face repairs my frown, 
for you are my fallen angel

 ~Fallen Angel~Poem 

Finally I wanted to introduce Pita-Ten Projecto!  I am not sure if I am doing Kotarou Kun and Ten Chan yet, but I have Shia and Misha San ^^.  Shia San is done as far as her wig and eyes and such go.  I might get her some official outfits at some point.  Misha however is waiting on her eyes to be made, and her wig just got home yesterday.  She is currently with my friend Brianne, getting her lips fixed, her earrings and piercings and will be home next week ^^.  

Thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog for today and please come back again for more, ja ne!