Naturally Cute: July 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bday Spendings + Day Trip Fun!

Hey welcome back to my blog! This edition *I know this is not a damn daily prophet kudos hp fans!* I will be discussing my Birthday and what I spent my Birthday money on ^^. I'm also going to introduce my Lieselotte finished, and tell you about my day trips I've been taking lately and other random tidbits and such! 

So lets get started shall we?  I have been so excited because I was able to order some awesome anime stuff lately!  That would be Including the Arcade Limited set of Miku Hatsune's Project Diva for PSP!  I have been wanting this game for a long time so I am crazy happy I finally was able to order one.  It will probably take a while coming from Japan, but good things come to those who wait.  I also ordered the K-On first season which if you want K-On I recommend you do too before it goes out of stock everywhere.  

Besides anime, I ordered my dog a pink Litey Leash, It's really cool it lights up and can flash or do still lights, not only is it pretty but it can be a safer way if you walk your dogs in the evening.  Amazon has the best prices for the Litey Leashes if you want a pretty color if you don't care about colors then I would recommend ebay. I am using some of my money to pay for a faceup for my new Bambicrony Ellen msd, and use most of the remainder most likely to get the sword hands I need.  Besides the main
Bday money from my dad, I recieved 40, 20 each from my aunt Bonnie and aunt Martha.  I used that to get a ticket for Kennywood which i'm going this Monday with my friend Chyanne who also happens to be an amazing hair stylist at Regis Salon. The money left after paying for the ticket will be spent on stuff at the park.

Also note: Pictures from my Birthday can be found on my face book album:

 So here she is all done by the talented Vitta Vera!
 She is wearing her new strawberry dress,
 I think the waist chains add a nice touch.
Her name is Akina Kobayashi, she is a Japanese school girl and is best friends with my other Japanese school girl Hinata Uesugi.

See the full size photo under my In the Moment Gallery~

So to finish this off I just wanted to mention the day trips I have been going on, and the awesome little free gifts I got from this one etsy order.  The friday before my Birthday me and my mum went up to the town of Ligonier for the day.  I would definitely recommend checking it out if your near PA especially if you like things from the past.  Ligonier is a adorable quaint little town with an old fashion barber shop, and lots of smaller specialty stores and places to eat made from buildings that used to be peoples homes!  We ate inside this one place for lunch that looks like a Victorian esk house.  All the food I tried there was homemade and excellent.  A lot of the places around had free samples too.  I picked up some books while there about mythology and one called Zen Heart which seems very interesting to me.  So all in all that was a great day.

Another trip we took was this past Saturday to an arts and heritage festival.  We went in the evening and there was tons of craft vendors around and food stalls with fresh delicacies.  I tried the Pad Thai for my dinner and it was excellent, noodles with vegetables and cooked tofu in a spicy sauce.  This is of course America so the portion was pretty huge.  They even had an American Girl doll booth and I picked up some sunglasses for my bjds *there slightly big but my dollfie dreams can make them work*.  Before leaving there was a cute little booth for dogs and I naturally had to pick up my pooch some gourmet treats ^^.  She deserved them, after having to get groomed earlier in the day.  Before we went home we stopped in a cute midway shopping center, my mum got her dinner there and I got to go to the Cold Stone Creamery!  I am telling you if you never went to one before you must!  While there I ordered a small milk and cookies milkshake and even my mum had to admit it was delicious!  It was my first time and I'd love to go back.  Warning there sizes are weird marked as things like, gotta have it, and like it etc XD

Freaken awesome freebies I got: Pink lace doll stockings, Rose headband, ocean pretty pen, silly Vitamin Ball pen, and a milk pocky keychain!

Well thank you for joining me for this post and I hope to see you back real soon ^^ Ja Ne