Naturally Cute: May 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gomen Nasai X.x

Guess it seems weird id be randomly apologizing XD but I haven't blogged in a while due to depression, things going on, vacation, bla bla bla. I'm sure you'd love to sit here all day and see what kind of amazing excuses I can rant on about, but unfortunately I'm going to get to the point XD. 
That point being, my vacation and anime con! I just recently returned home from Florida and the Florida Anime Experience! I went to Florida for 5 days down to Orlando, and we were at the convention Friday evening and Saturday during the day. Let me tell you folks, despite the convention being new and small it is definitely worth going. Not only did they have amazing pickings at the dealers room, (I was able to get 3 dvd sets for 80 bucks!) they also had fun panels like the travel to Japan one I attended, things like awesome dancing panels and even amazing guests like the voice actress Terri Hawkes!(She played Sailor Moon for part of the english version) Not to forget the other cool things like a tea room which I unfortunately didn't get to fit in to my schedule, and a visit to the video game room which had a lot of Japanese video game titles like Sailor Moon Super S! So its easy to say I had a fantastic time, the people were fantastic and I'd love to go back!
If you haven't figured it out by now, I am the one cosplaying CCS ^^ Other parts of my vacation include going to the Aquatica waterpark, the Titanic Experience, and various other places. We stayed at the Hawthorn Suites and I would definitly reccomend it. They have free breakfast every morning hot and cold, the rooms are nice, and the staff are very friendly, for more info click on this link over here>>> Hawthorn Suites <<< Well thats all the time and info I have for you right now! Please come back I will be adding my birthday updates and some information on my CCS Project! C'est la vie *se la vi*