Naturally Cute: July 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015


So it's been quite a while but I have been crazy busy and so much is changing. I plan on revamping this ENTIRE thing.  Once I get a new picture I want to use I will be redoing the layout and deciding how I want to present my future posts.  This site will be more about fashion cute/girly/lolita/cosplay etc. I will still have my dolls here as well but they will not be the main focus, I am also cutting down on them ALOT.  

However my loss is your gain, I am selling a couple dollfie dreams at the moment for more info you can contact me

- DD Basic 04 Model with enhanced lips and ear piercing.
- DD Moe 2nd Fullset Limited Edition *she is a dd3
- DD Limited Airi Queens Blade NON fullset *comes naked with default faceup, eyes, and a random free wig.

As of now my site is in Hiatus and Under Construction

For my other Media here are the links: