Naturally Cute: November 2012

Friday, November 30, 2012

food n' tunes

So I don't normally do this, but yesterday was a special day.  My mum came home early from work to take care of some things due to my aunt's passing, and I was depressed and she told me we were getting Arby's and going to eat lunch together before she left!

 So yay food!  I was so hyped, I got to try the new peppermint stick swirl shake *say that 5 times fast whew* there thin sliced turkey sandwich with cheese, and of course its not Arby's without some curly fries to share!

I finally got done some of my Christmas wrapping *I start earlier then this usually* just the presents for my mum and dad.  I am still waiting for my boyfriend's 2nd gift to arrive, already exchanged with my friend Jen, and have left to wrap my friend Danielle's gift along with my Gift Swap from the doll group I attend. I also sent out the gift to my swap partner in the anime group on Facebook I run, we are located here:

If you have any interest in joining ^^, we welcome newcomers. 

I am opening my own singing page on Facebook!  Please like and support me I only have one cover up for now but more to follow soon!

Well now, before I go here's a gift for you! is currently featuring a 60 percent off sale on select Anime!  Go here to catch a deal!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Full of Stuffing!

Well well! I've had quite the busy time of late. Thus, bringing up my title Full of Stuffing! Indeed I am full of stuffing having 2 turkey dinners, one on Wednesday at my boyfriends house, and one at home on Thursday.   On Thanksgiving I was able to try green bean casserole and found it superb, I also tried some sweet potatoes and cranberries and wasn't to fond of those. At my house we made our special barbecue baked beans with bacon bits that my aunt used to make. Both houses however, had a great meal in their own ways. 

 So back to the Weekend Previous, the anime convention KuroKiiro 2012 was alot of fun.  My friend Jennifer and I attended on Saturday and I made some crazy video clips and took some awesome photos.  Once there finished I will add them below.  However for now I will just tell you while having a small dealers room, the con had alot of nice people and we got to attend a few panels like shounen history, and name that tune.  We grabbed a bite to eat at subway for lunch and almost got lost going back to the con but all in all it was a fun experience.  You'll note some pics I am squinting, the sun was in my eyes and I dont have a high sun in my eyes tolerance XD.

*Click the picture to access convention pics*

On the following Sunday I went to a Christmas craft show nearby with my mum.  We first went to a Japanese restaurant in the mall and ordered a delicious hibachi including:  ginger root salad, clear soup, rice, soba noodles,mixed vegetable with 2 shrimp on top, chicken and a variety of dipping sauces.  Mum also ordered us a shrimp asparagus sushi roll with our meal.  At the craft show there were tons of aisles full of goodies,  I found a cute doll sized papillon dog and brought it home.  We also got a lighted decoration of a Christmas scene with a house a gazebo and snow, some holiday treats like cinnamon glazed pecans and more!  At the show we also got to talk to cat sense where we originally got our cats from!  It was amazing they still remembered the cats we got from them and I picked out a toy for each cat, all the money being donated to cat sense charity to help find pets new homes and provide necessities like food.  I didn't forget my dog either her birthday is coming up on December 15th and I bought her a bow wow birthday set ^^.  It's so cute its this large bone shaped dog cookie with white icing and rainbow sprinkles, it comes with a birthday candle and a birthday bandana for your dog!  I will show her opening it when her birthday arrives ^^.

<Pictures and/or video to go here> 

So back again to more recent, while spending time with my boyfriend we saw 2 good movies.  The first one he picked it was about Abraham Lincoln being a vampire slayer XD, I just pretend its not a president and I'm okay, I would def recommend seeing it if you like vampires and nonstop action.  We also saw the Grudge 2, which I saw the Grudge one up till then.  Scary as usual the Grudge movies never dissapoint me, I would reccomend having a strong adversion to horror movies to watch these they can get pretty nasty.

So onward then to today!  I had kung pao chicken for lunch and we did some Christmas shopping!  The main shopping however is tomarrow but I was able to get a massage to loosen up my aching muscles then a stop by Glitter! where I picked up a few things for a dollar including this amazing new nail polish with blue shimmers.  We stopped by miss field's for one of there delicious milk chocolate chip cookies, then to Ulta and back home.
We went home to make sure the dog was fed and all the time we spent looking around the mall it was now around dinner time. 
We went back out and went to this cute little Mexican place near where we wanted to shop a place called Tuesday Morning.  The restaurant is called Rey Azteca and they give you reasonable prices for delicious food.

Whew so like I said alotttt going on, I will be adding the pictures to go with this post soon but I don't have them all sorted yet so I put those captions to hold space in the meantime.

So a few more things I have for you before I have to sign out.
The wig I had on preorder has finally shipped but it claims I have to be home and if I miss it, it will go back to the company!  Talk about freaking someone out.  My eyes I ordered are also supposed to arrive soon so I'm excited about that as well.

Finally, my good friend Sarah Boxall needs your help and support! She was able to get her amazing manga published and now she needs to raise money to produce professional plushies for her fans!  If you donate money you can get awesome free gifts while helping a great cause!  Please check out this page for fabulous donation gifts and information and help Sarah achieve her dream she is working so hard for!

 A message from Sarah:  


Saturday, November 10, 2012

*Weekend Fluff!*

Konbanwa ^O^, it's evening here and I'm in a rather good mood, wondering why? Well of course I'm here to tell you!

Well first off my day was fantastic!  I went to this little craft show nearby and scored and apron that will work for my dolls and little present boxes for Christmas!  Weirdest part? They were only 10 cents a piece for the boxes!  Total score aherm* anywho -o-

So after that I got my hair done and went to Red Lobsters for lunch!  Which incase you didn't know crab fest is going on!  If your in love with crab like I am you'll want to get your butt there pronto.  Even if your not into crab they have a 4 course meal: soup, salad, entree, and dessert for $15.99 right now!  It's a limited time so I'd reccomend going soon.

Before we went home I stopped by DSW shoes and got 2 cute new pairs, silver tennis shoes with stars on them and a cute new pair of boots for winter, might model the boots when it gets colder ^^.

 Ta dah!  My beautiful girl Angora is modeling her new shirt ^^ I decided to try my luck with a Dollheart Fukubukuro bag this year for msd!  This is the first year I've bought one and I received: The shirt in the photo, cute leopard strapped black boots, a black zipper up jacket, leather pants *sold those* and a cute bow choker necklace with a kerchief piece.  I was pretty happy with my bag and will try to get one next year as well.
You will be able to view this photo in all its glory under my In the Moment gallery section.

In other news you'll notice from my last post I checked off a few incoming items I received.  The pink wig is for my Christmas doll so I wont be displaying that,  soon as I get the leggings in though I will show the outfit on my tiny.

Finally I'm getting pumped for next weekend!  Thursday night my friend Jen will be sleeping over and going with me all day Friday to this small anime con in our area.  I am going to be doing a cosplay of Maka from Soul Eater, I already have the costume so I figured why not.  Then come Saturday there is a huge craft show going on that I'm going to check out!  So I'm totally booked next weekend ^O^.

Well thats all I have for now, keep watching my blog and stay tuned for more!

P.S.  I have started a new shop to sell my things in!  Please check it out and 
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