Naturally Cute: January 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

~All that stuff comin in~

Okay so I have alot of stuff coming in of lately ^^. My dollmore girl paran snow blossom is home! Just wait a little longer guys to see her, I need to acquire her some better eyes first, no pupils at all bothers me in dolls I own. However, I assure you sure is amazingly gorgeous and definitely staying. 

OMG TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news ^^, the table I have in my dolls setup (they have little rooms and such) is finally getting a real table for the living room area! I will be able to throw away that cardboard box in a matter of days!  I also ordered a new asian teaset for the table as the one I currently have is not asian and is to big. However I will be selling it to anyone in the USA on facebook and also here on my website so don't miss out!

finally I am saving for a inexpensive anthro like doll but really its more like a pet for my dolls ^^. I am selling some wigs in order to raise money for it as well as get a new hairbrush and eyes for my dollmore girl, these wigs will soon be added to my sales page which will be updated shortly.

Also note some of these gifs im using are from the amazing: I do not claim to own them.

P.S> Ignore the counter for now I need to change it, ordered my yingying on layaways ^^

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cameras N' Bucks

So this blogs layout is finally complete ^^. The pages under home wont be done however until my new arrival gets here, and no NOT a doll this time. I mean my new camera! My old camera is a Canon Powershot A560, and while okay, I've had it for several years and figured it's time for an upgrade.  Unfortunately, this upgrade won't be filled with strawberries or chocolate like cake *yummm....cake* but it will do alot of good for my pictures. I purchased this camera off a wonderful ebay shop known as cameraland.  With my order I was able to get a 3 year warranty for only about thirty dollars extra, and my camera comes with free extras like a camera case! All this for a good price too! I will be sure to report how my service went with this seller once the camera arrives.  Also if you are on ebay I highly recommend to sign up for the ebay bucks program.  It's completely free and you earn free spending bucks on ebay for each purchase you make after your signed up! I only have to wait a few months of collecting bucks then I can spend them on anything on ebay! I thank my one friend on aim for this, I didn't know about it til she mentioned it to me *sweatdrops*. Getting late here again I seem to write these around midnight or so XD. Goodnight to all.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Smappy New Year!

This is my first blog posting ^^. A little obvious but i'm excited. This blog will be about my life and my asian ball jointed dolls. If you don't know what those are please refer to Wiki.

So down to business. Right now I have several dolls coming home to me ^^. A lovely dollmore paran, shes a full set version. Then I have a asleep eidolon ula on layaway. I'm lucky that site does long layaways -_-, she is a limited edition and otherwise would not have been able to have her.  Finally just as of Friday January 6th, I was able to get one of my top sd's Ive been wanting, an Angell Studio Qinglin. She is so beautiful, again on layaway.  I am so glad they offer layaway, and to think I used to thought id never need to use it X.x. So now I am just working on getting those layaways finished, and saving any extra money towards my goal ticker *at bottom*
for that limited msd I desire. Also I will be listing sales on here, you will be able to contact me from my facebook or email to purchase. Signing off and getting some rest.