Naturally Cute: February 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

~Hello New Year/ Goodbye Blondie!~

Hello ^^, It's 2014!  A lot has changed since last I wrote here so I'm going to get right at it!  First of all my title is stating, I am NO LONGER blonde ^^(a lot of my friends know this but for the people who don't).  I have been blonde a long time and when it went darker when I was younger I redyed it a golden blonde, However I am now a ginger ^^.  Some people are calling it strawberry blonde/ginger either way and I love my new color ^^.  As for the picture above ^ these are just some of the awesomeness I got for Christmas this year from family & friends.
I attended another Lolita Meetup recently for my local community, my 2nd one so far ^^.  We had a nice lunch/tea and chatted and got pictures it was a great time! You can click on the pictures of the Valentines day Treats to the left < that I received at the meetup to view all the pictures. *note there on my facebook*

Also recently I started to broadcast on if your on there and want to fan me I am Jenna Grat on there ^^

Also my youtube is getting underway subscribe if you want
Or you can even tweet me now! @candeesparkles

So on to about dolls then ^^. I am selling one doll currently who Isn't spoken for and at $400 + ship shes a great deal.  Shes a Sd size at 61cm and for more info check out my sales album at:
*you can also message me on facebook for reguards in purchasing her* If you don't have a facebook my email is:

For the dolls I am keeping however, I finally purchased my Moe Dollfie Dream I've been wanting.  When she came however my dream turned more into a nightmare.  I opened up the doll and it turns out her shoulder joint was broken and she has a little black dot on her face that might not come off.  The dot is very small though so I'll be able to live with it if I must, I ordered her a new shoulder joint from volks however and there the ones who told me exactly what part I needed after I told them my story.
 ♥ Volks!  I would recommend not ordering dolls from the Mandarake Nakano branch*still order from Mandarake though*Because a friend of mine also said they tend to have dolls break when there sent.  I had my doll insured for full and messaged them about what happened and they don't even care to reply. *annoyed*

So, yeah but my Moe will be okay when her new shoulder joint part arrives ^^.  I also have a tenshi no Hairbrush coming and I've been wanting one for quite a while so it's really exciting.  You'll also note that I have a new banner image.  The banner is my Jun Tachibana GR, I finally have some pictures of her and hope to put more in the In The Moment Album, *The banner is a bit of a teaser I guess XP?*  The vmf 50 in the old banner has been adopted into a new home. I also have some cute Lolita for my dolls I got recently, as well as Lolita for myself as well XP.

That wraps up this post Happy Valentines Day to everyone and see you next time!