Naturally Cute: August 2013

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

~New Dolls/Pitfalls~

Hey all ^^ welcome to another segment of my life!  It is past 11 pm here at night and I don't usually write this late but I am in the mood so I figured what the heck, not to mention I downloaded the photos from my camera earlier for this post ^^.

Okay so well start where else? The beginning of after last I posted.  My boyfriend had to leave suddenly for work on our weekend together and I was crushed *we were supposed to spend the last 2 weekends together but shit happened*.  I broke out into a period of a 5 day extreme depression, again couldn't of gotten through it without my mum constantly pushing me to get out and to feel better.  I was going to go to Otakon with a friend, but it ended up getting to close to it and I didn't have the energy to save up all the extra money I needed for spending and such, plus with how sensitive to heat I am I didn't want to deal with it this year at least. So in short yes, I am a mess of health issues XD. but at least I got to buy a new doll instead!

So this is my new girl ^^ I named her Charlotte Arquette.  My one awesome friend who wants to be named anonymous, helped me get her off of YJ! when I didn't have time to get enough of funds into my own account.
I sent her a thank you gift for helping my doll arrive safe and sound of course.  This girl is a one off f-13 volks in sunlight skin.  She was admittedly a impulse buy when I found her while browsing YJ! for at the time Volks Midi Liz, *whom at the moment I decided not to get*.  Charlotte was shipped to France which is the country my friend lives in and then to me, which helped me to decide to make it part of her story ^^.  She is a new student in a Japanese School who has just moved from France, I found her name using french baby name and surnames sites. She will be getting other blonde wigs eventually, but for now I am happy with this one. The bjd picnic I go to every year at the end of summer is coming up soon, so I hope to buy her some new eyes there.


So to continue this post: The Picnic came and went, I had the most sales and there were hardly any other sales there unfortunately.  I bought a pair of msd shoes and a cake and otherwise just sold a lot and made some cash which is always good XP.  I took my new Bambicrony Ellen, whose faceup is by Chi No Tenshi, you can find her  here:Chi No Tenshi
I named my bambi Leira, here she is with her cousin Kira (a little monica Irin).  Tomarrow I will be uploading my picnic pictures on facebook if you would like to have a look see. 

I have the picnic photos done ^^: Click here *note this is my facebook albums