Naturally Cute: March 2015

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dolly / Life Changes

Ah a whole new year, a new chapter in life.  So much has been going on as usual it's puzzling to find even where to start.  My diet from my doctor has been going well, I am mostly handling it and I am happy with my waist size for once in my life!  I wasn't fat before but now I feel good about myself and can even wear things I couldn't before.  I enjoy uploading photos I take to my deviant art and getting nice reactions on them, photography is something I really would like to do, that or modeling if I was given the chance.  

Anyway, I may be moving in soon with my boyfriend of 3 and a half years.  He is doing paperwork on a house, and I would be coming and going depending if he was working out of town or not.  This would be amazing for me as I love to travel and would give me something to do.  None the less of course I am nervous but overall I think it will be a good change, for the best.

Returning back to after Christmas, most of the items I received you can find in a video on my fashion page Naturally Kyute on facebook.  However I wanted to show the awesome one my boyfriend got me: A PS VITA! xoxo

Needless to say, the day after Christmas I went out and used some of my Christmas money to buy 2 games: HyperDimension Neptunia Producing Perfection and Project Diva F2 ^^.

It's now March and I am getting ready for the upcoming local con again Tekkoshocon!  Tekko 2015 is so close and I am so excited.  I will be cosplaying as Asuna from Sword Art Online with my boyfriend at my side as Kirito.  We will be staying the whole weekend and I will get to participate in the Visual Kei fashion show as a lolita *the show includes all kinds of alt fashion*. I will be attending the Luncheon and meeting the angelic pretty Model RinRin!  I hope to get a picture with her ^^.  They will also be doing the Lolita Fashion Show this year so more nice off brands and such sales in the dealers room, hope my wallet can handle it X.x
On to my dolly updates.  So my Cardcaptor Sakura doll is faceupped, however i will not be showing her til I can get her some new hands.  Sadly the hands she has will not hold her wand I had made for her, so I am going to buy new hands from volks when I can and probably use one of each so she can hold both her wand and a card ^^.

However my boy from Dollism is home!  He went to the fabulous Chi No Tenshi for some minor changes: Lip coverup and some black nails. She also removed the blushing from the hands and feet for me.  You can find her link under my affiliates located at the upper right of my page.  Introducing my boy: Tristan the Trickster 

I was also fortunate enough to find my dream dollfie dream, the Queens blade Airi for a decent price and bring her home ^^.  She is minus the outfit, wig, and scythe but thats fine as I want to make her my own character.  I just have some box images for now but next post will have more pictures of her.

So finally I wanted to note my Lolita Page name has updated and I will be updating it soon after this post.  It is now changed to Naturally Kyute, which will cover not only Lolita fashion, but other cute fashion and cosplay as well.

Thats all I have for now guys, I will be seeing you after Tekkoshocon for more postage, bye for now ^^.