Naturally Cute: June 2013

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Fae & Goodbye to my Sensei

Heylahoo! I am back from Florida Anime Experience 2013!  As per usual my life gets crazy and I finally get around to making another blog segment later then sooner, but you all love me right? RIGHT?! first I will go on about my vacation/con.  It was from the 21st to 26th of may, and this was my 2nd year of attending FAE.  I have to admit the dealers room was more of a disappointment this year and a lot better last year.  That being said I still had an amazing time!  I met my long time online friend Tara there and we had a blast!  Following this will be my photo album of my vacation/con as well as a picture of the main con goodies I purchased!  Plus a little info about the maid cafe extra pass!  *click photo to enter album*

 *Note I started to get into Lolita Fashion!  This is my first ever Lolita dress!*
I also got some autographs at the con, Maile Flanagan who voice acts Naruto *this was for my boyfriend* and Cassandra Lee signed my K-On Poster and got a photo with me!

*Note Cassandra also plays Kyubei and various other anime chars*

 *My main goodies: 3 anime dvds 4 bucks a piece! A K-On poster and a black wig from the shop shown in the above photo ^^

  This was the maids at Cafe Peko Peko which was an extra ticket seperate from the con.  I paid to get my photo with one of the maids Tay Tay who also happened to be the maid for the table I was sitting at.  They served cupcakes and poured us tea, we even played games and got to watch the maids dance for us to Japanese music.  Besides the poster Cassandra also gave us a postcard photo with her sig on it ^^.

Finally before we returned home, we stopped in the Sanrio store in the airport!
I of course have looked forward to this since I discovered it last time I went to Florida.
I bought a few things: A my melody pencil zipper pouch, tiny my melody boxes, and a my melody soap dispenser KAwaii!

Bye Bye Mariko!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Before I head out, I wanted to say a farewell to Mariko Sensei.  After much thought I decided to sell her and she will be shipped out this weekend to her new home.  It's not all sad news though, I have 3 new dolls that I'm waiting on ^^, for more info click on my doll tracker. Ciao till next time we meet again