Naturally Cute: September 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012

~Broken Angel~

Yay so I'm doing another post! Your freaken amazed right? Well I have a lot to post about! Were going to start off with the name of this post, I've chosen broken angel because I've recently had an accident. Yep I'm human to and apparently rather breakable. On Labor Day I accidentally got hit in the glasses with a golf club, I was to close he swung to far back both at fault. While my glasses happened to save me, they did cut into my skin and you can see the fantasized version of the picture of my bruising. However I am okay now and will have a scar, but I'm healing and I thank all my friends for the support they have been giving me. Also I got the title Broken Angel off of the FullMetal Alchemist ps2 game ^^ or for you Japanese Otaku like me: *Hagane no Renkinjutsushi*.
These are two new awesome items I bought from a new store in the mall nearby its called *Glitter* and has most things for a dollar! This includes hair accesories, jewelry, and makeup items! Being a girly girl myself I love this new store! I got this beautiful ring and oddly enough they had mirrors there with pictures of bjd dolls on them! Considering they were a dollar I figured i'd pick myself up one, her eyes open and close when you move the mirror!

   On Sunday, I went to visit my boyfriend and came across this in another dollar store! I'm getting really lucky these days in dollar stores I guess? Anyway there so adorable new lip glosses! I love the design of these and they will look perfect with my kawaii style stuff.

-In other news, I will be going away on a short trip from
Sept 16-18 to Atlantic City New Jersey!  Expect some 
pictures when I return and a whole lotta fun! 

-Figured I have all this space so why not use some of it huh?
I was considering doing a section on here about the cosplays
I do and possibley some singing videos I make because I love to sing, if you would like to share your thoughts please let me know on facebook I'm Jenna Grat.  I'm very friendly but I will block harassment. ^^

-On doll updates, I have also gotten a few dolly dessert props recently I will feature soon, and my last doll on preorder, a slim msd, has been shipped to the dealer from the company so the wait wont be much longer!  Also to add real quick, I attended a doll picnic and bought 3 new outfits *got one for free* and some jewelry for my dolls as well as getting them a cute dog, and some freebies like a doll stand and mini bottles ^^.  Also note my doll anime sake project has been completed.  Ah last doll update I swear, the aoi tuki I sold has her layaway finished and was sent out today! WHEW! Okay I'm dead X.x (Not really ^^

Tehe also on my trip when I was with my boyfriend, I acquired 2 new psp games from GameStop.  Note that GameStops are slowly phasing out PSP games!  The one around me already doesn't sell them anymore, if you have a GameStop near you that still sells them I urge you to buy the ones you like while you still can.

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