Naturally Cute: August 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of summer flowers:

Unfortunately summer is coming to an end, but don't fret! I am here with some more updates and tidbits for you all! First let me be my silly self and recite a random poem about summer that I just made up literally right now *aherm*  

summer's here then summer's gone 
time for us to all move on 
when the sun ducks behind the clouds 
the sweet whisper of fall abounds
 so do not cry for I foresee
 pumpkins and a Happy Halloween! 

So enough of my tomfoolery XP, time for my news! Just recently I went to a fair! It was a large fair with all kinds of animals to see and Llamas for sale! *I kid you not there really were Llamas for sale XD* I got my picture riding a camel which was strange cause I'm scared to ride a horse, but hey camel! They had some wonderful jewelry deals there and I got 3 pieces for 10 bucks not bad huh? (earrings will be for julianne)

On a quick anime note* I went shopping at Fye recently and picked up some good deals ^^, a Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days manga vol 2 for like 4 bucks, and please teacher vol 2, *they didn't have vol 1 of either thing ^^* for a good deal.  I also got Miku  and Luka pins, but they weren't a steal in price XP.

On to dolls ^^, I'm so excited that my doll picnic is almost here!  We all get together at the park and eat, chat, and have a good time.  We also get to sell and buy things!  I think this year we might also get a pinata again!  I hope to make 
             cupcakes to bring ^^.
            I am going to take Julianne which is my newest girl, An Asleep Eidolon Ula girl.
            If you check under My Dolls you can see I have updated her profile ^^.  Also note   
            that Sakura is finished!  Pictures are soon to follow!  
Finally I just want to squee about google accepting my blog site into there search engine TYVM! OMGWTFBBQ!
Thats all for now but I'll be back with more zany blog posts soon!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

*~Chocolate Cream & Dollfie Dreams~*

Finally, I am getting myself to write this post. Ugh so many distractions like that storm and then just not in the mood XD, not to mention facebook. Okay, so on to updates and such. Chocolates galore! My friend who did my precious Sakura's faceup *Cardcaptor Sakura*, brought me a stash of chocolate treats >< I took a picture to share cause I'm so impressed by them.

 (Wafers in a box, along with a huge box of assorted cookie treats with all kinds of different chocolate! Not to mention there is freaken 2 trays of chocolate treats inside that large box with more then one of each type of cookie X.x.  Safe to say I will have my chocolate fix for quite a while ^^)

Look at the adorable new sticker decal I got for my phone!  I have started to collect little twin stars merchandise, and now I have this, a cute makeup bag from a Japanese Magazine, and a little zippered pouch I bought from a Sanrio store ^o^.  To deck out your own phone check out There shipping prices aren't to bad and they have other novelty items from Japan!

The actual item on my phone needed to be cut and adjusted to fit the style of my phone, but I don't think I did to bad of a job.  Note that my phone is red so it takes differently on my phone as apposed to in it's packaging.

 So onto the Dollfie Dream news ^^.  I have a gorgeous outfit coming I found on sale for 35 dollars which i'm very excited for, and to get Sakura her body I was able to order the last Dollfie Dream fullset I wanted.  Granted, Sakura will take her body for now, she will be getting another body just for her sometime in the future.  So..... she is......A REIMU HAKUREI! Yes yes so excited about it!  She won't have any pictures unfortunately until I get her a body, unless she decides to share with Sakura ^^.

So even though I mentioned some basics about Sakura because it involved getting a new doll, I'll have most of her info under her project banner.  Her current updates are progressing quickly.  Her faceup has been completed ^^.  Also like stated above her body is here, and she is currently waiting on her eyes to get home.  Sakura's wig has been here.  Her outfits that i'm going to get are being done through a trade and will take alot longer so she will not have her official outfits till there completed.  I also will have to save up for her wands at some point.  However, I did find doll size clow books!  I bought them in a set the clow, and the sakura clow book! Pictures are as followed below.

            As you can see below, all the cards from the series are included in both sets!
Well thats all the fun I have for you all today!  Check back for more dolly news and know-how and about my crazy life. See Yaz!