Naturally Cute: June 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

YJ! and Par-Tay!

Hey! Yes I'm talking to you! Your just in time for my new blog post ^^. Today's post will be about YJ! and my favorite shopping service, you also will get to hear about my upcoming party plans for my birthday, updates, and all about the new anime I've been hoarding ^^. Oh and note this blog post is going to have only the non Cardcaptor Sakura anime I've been hoarding cause that will have it's own post later on. SO! Let's get started shall we? 

I was getting tired of the same old Mariko images so I spiced mine up a bit ^^. My recent purchase on YJ! with the help of the wonderful staff at ShoppingMallJapan, was the fabulous Mariko Sensei ^^, which you will hear more of when she arrives home from Japan. Mainly though I'm here to tell you how wonderful ShoppingMallJapan is as a proxy. Even when you first sign up, if you use paypal SMJ is your best friend! Whatever you deposit for your money to bid, SMJ will let you bid 5 times that amount! They have excellent customer service and respond pretty fast from what I've seen. There process is pretty painless. After an item is won they pay the seller for you and once your item is shipped off to them they give you one main price to pay including fees and what not. Then, after your Item arrives in there USA storage, you write out a shipping form from a link on the website and they ship the item to you! A little after the item is shipped you will get one more payment request for the shipping of your item. So yeah thats pretty much it! I have worried plenty of times to get an item and SMJ has always come through for me, whether its getting me more deposit money before an auction ends, or helping me get an item I want from a Japanese website, SMJ is top notch please go here if you would like to take in the spoils from them as well! ShoppingMallJapan

For my 23rd Bday Get together, I got these awesome Cardcaptor Sakura limited napkins ^O^. I will be giving one to each of my guests to take home or use as well....a napkin! XP

So finally the moment you all been waiting for! Hold on to your drumsticks! Here is my anime haul recently! *A couple are bday gifts for me but a lot I bought with extra money or from Florida Anime Con* Oh and see you next time! THE END