Naturally Cute: September 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

~Jun Lullabys & ever approaching Hallows Eve~

*waves* Hey you! Yes its me, I'm back with a lot more info about what I've been up to lately! First off I wanted to mention some of the fun day trips I went on! A few weekends ago mum and I had a blast! On a Saturday we went up to the mills mall and went on a shopping spree! I have a picture of my goodies of course not showing the dog bed we got for Pru and a box for Jewelry I picked up. We also had a fabulous dinner at Applebee's, we both ordered there new dish the pepper honey grilled chicken with fried shrimp on top and green beans. I am telling you if you have not tried it yet it is so GOOOOOD. On Sunday we went downtown to an international festival, It's the first year for Pittsburgh having something like this downtown so it wasn't that big, however it was still worth checking out. I was able to go to the Asian supermarket downtown and get some tomato pocky *loves me some tomato pocky* some hard candy and some peach candy. At the festival I tried there chicken on the stick and it was HUGE, move over Hogwarts we have your new large feast on a stick! *aherm* Anywho, that was some of the best chicken I ever had it was worth going just for the chicken HAHA. Before heading out we went to a little Mexican place for a light meal before heading home, it was down some stairs and a bit secluded from the eye. We tried there nachos and salsa they had so many salsa varieties! We picked 2 and sticked to the one because the other ended up being to spicy x.x. We also had this spinach and mushroom quesadilla which was amazing, I will definitely try to go back there and eat more sometime LOL. Okay so onto my Haul ^^/

A memory foam beaded pillow, cute dots nightwear, grey flower over shirt, owl graphic tee, one piece salmon jean combo, turquoise shorts, and pink cloud jean shorts ^^

So glad I am finally getting some new clothes, I need to go through my closet, a lot of my stuff is old or getting holey X.x

Go here to see what I mean about Applebee's, there new honey pepper grills are to die for ^o^ Click Here

So besides those day trips, I went to the closer mall recently twice with two different friends, Paul and Christine.  It was super fun and we stopped at Taipei Tokyo before going home when I was hanging with Paul, I had this amazing sushi with Japanese pickles in it and some soup.  The Epic Mickey game was my late bday gift from Christine the rest I got for myself XP.  Btw Epic Mickey is sooooo good I'd recommend picking up a copy ^^.  The GIR bag I got for only 7 dollars!  It was on sale from 30 dollars and I got the VERY LAST ONE.  Hot topic had a sale so I also picked up cute little purses that are actually lip balm dessert flavors for a dollar.  The other stuff is from Glitter! where everything is only a dollar, sides the wall purses.  I picked up awesome nail polishes, 2 cute heart rings, and some hair ties.


In other news I have a new pc!  Our old computer is slow and dying out so mum decided to get a new one!  It's a type of Lenovo Idea center and it has Windows 8 and touch screen!  AKA its one bad ass mother AHERM*  I also got a new professional microphone!  That soon as I figure out how to set it up correctly I'll be using to make a new youtube and record more on my facebook music page ^^. *Madoka FTW*


For doll news I have my pukifee finally!  She isn't done yet though so I will not be showing her.  She is going away soon for her faceplates to get faceupped by a lovely lady in the Uk and then she will be complete.  Also in doll news I am waiting on 2 dollfie dream outfits to arrive for my girls.  Once I have pictures of my CCS Sakura with her new hands on I will be posting them, she finally has holding hands and a wand home!

As the title says: Jun Lullaby's, I have purchased a Graffiti Jun Tachibana to be my main character Trinity Warren!  She is already home just awaiting on a wig and maybe some new eyes to be complete.  She will have photos in the next post, as for this post my lovely Makoto got a headpiece and I've been wanting to show it off ^^.

So for next time, I'll be Introducing my Pukifee and Jun, Showing some kick ass CCS wand action, as well as doing reviews On Hakuoki for 3ds limited set and more!  See Ya!

P.S> Thanks to the two amazing friends I have who bought the msds I was selling that helped make Jun Possible