Naturally Cute: April 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

*~Kawaii Convention Days~*!

Soooooo much to talk about lets see. Before I go into the details about Tekkoshocon X-2, I am going to do the dolly updates. I have officially acquired a Lieselotte! She is almost paid off and will be shipped soon to me. I also have several dolly things coming in as I was able to make more money then originally thought. Thankfully I was able to sell my tan vmf 50 girl, she is a Yumi and I was able to find a wonderful new home for her.

On to Tekko! I had an amazing time, I stayed over my friends Heather and Liz's house starting on Thursday, and Left the con close to Lunch on Sunday!  Basically this was the longest I was able to stay at a con so far.  We stayed till closing each night even! I cosplayed on Friday as Integra from Hellsing *I did o-kay* and Rin from Inu-yasha which I liked alot more ^^. To see the pics from the Convention and some cool cosplays, please click on the picture of Sesshy and Rin^^.

l still need to get ahold of my friend Barb who has an outfit of mine and me of hers *long story* and I'm missing a boot XD.  Otherwise I came out pretty unscathed minus of course my feet being all cut up X.x

The con was amazing though ^^ I made alot of friends and lost like 4-5 pounds in the process of all the running around XD.  A huge thanks to Barb for letting us use her hotel room at times to rest , get changed, and chill out.  It made everything so much easier.

Also want to mention that on Friday & Saturday I was a table bunny for PandaChan aka my friend Amanda in the artist alley.
(Amanda is getting pretty popular with a lot of fans loving her kawaii and decorated merchandise)

Okay so on to my goodies XP. I got a lot of cool things at Tekko this year I'd say, no dvds but I have so many I still need to open its sad XD.  A big thanks to Heather for the llama Plushie as my early Bday gift, and Barb for lending me a little cash so I could get the mini moon satchel backpack!  The other items purchased includes a figure from rewrite, 2 bjd doll sweaters, and a cake charm for a necklace ^^.

 Enough for now this post will be longer so will edit more later soon to come!

Info about FAE con, Cardcaptor Sakura updates, Wedding Shower,etc 


 I am going to FAE 2013!
I didn't know if I would be able to make it again this year, but luckily we were able to make our vacation around the con again!
So excited! This year the voice actress for Kyubey will be there! I am going to get her autograph ^^

For other peoples interests, the voice actress for Naruto is going to be the guest of honor this year. I am going to be wearing cute lolita and taking alot of pics ^^.  I have an order placed, rushed shipping purchased, and just recieved notice my lolita outfit should be done this week ^^. *I needed custom sizing as my bust is just a wee bit to big*   
 The company accidentally made my waist measurement to big X.x 97 instead of 79 cm, so they are sending it back for a hopefully quick fix X.x 

In other new updates I just found out,
I was able to order maid cafe tickets early.  The con is only accepting so many people each day because there is limited space! 

Whew okay so it's taking a while to work on this, the wedding shower updates will be posted in a new post of there own when I have the time.

~On to the Cardcaptor Sakura Updates!~ So the wonderful person from sewing box designs *found in my affiliates link on the home page* is now doing my costumes for Sakura.  All my trades for them have failed so I decided to suck it up and pay for them this time.  I am getting done a yukata, a dress, and a school girl outfit.  The person who works there is very nice and very helpful, I have received a fitting toil in the mail to make sure everything fits perfectly!  They have all my fabric and are just waiting for the toil to come back, which I'll mail back tomarrow.~