Naturally Cute: December 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

~Before Xmas Massive Info Surge~

Omg its me! OO Yes I am alive! I have been away sooooooooo long and I never meant for this to happen, sometimes I know I can take a month to do a new post but this has gotten to the point of ridiculouscity!  So first I'll tell you why I have taken forever.  At first it was just the normal procrastination and then, I got sick, its been almost 3 weeks now of constant sick ness and im still sick but damn it if I am not writing this post ><!  Aherm so I have had some lightheadedness sometimes its all the time, and ear and head tightening pains along with the random nausea and sweatiness.  In the mornings sometimes I just need the jaws of life to give me a reason to even get out of bed, that's just how bad it has been.  Yes, I have seen a doctor already and I was put on antibiotics, No it hasn't really helped and I plan to return to the doctors soon.

So winding back time we go back to after the Kuro Kiiro Festival.  It was so much fun, I went on Saturday like allll day with my friend Barb.  She slept over a couple nights and was here for Halloween.  I have a little album of Kuro Kiiro for you guys to check out, we did some fun things like see a Taiko Show, Paint a tiny figure, Listen in at a Crispin Panel (Voice Actor), went to lunch at the maid cafĂ© and etc.  Barb was a fantastic house guest and even brought a cute little strawberry cake for her and I! Oishii!

From the Con I met the Leader of the Pittsburgh Lolita Group and joined ^^.  I only attended one meetup so far as I got so ill.  We went to a Korean BBQ place and had a great time and got ice cream afterwards.  I sang at the karaoke along with the other Lolita's as the Machine was right near our huge comfy table ^^.  Here are the delicious leftovers from the meet up.

*Bulgogi, white rice, and kimchi ^O^*

Finally, I wanted to update what is going on with my dolls after so long.  This is one of my dream girls a Graffiti Jun Tachibana ^^, I've been sick so I'll try to get more pictures of her later.  Her name is Trinity Warren and she is one of the main characters in my story ^^.  I was lucky and was able to get the fullset with both the casual and school girl outfits yay ^^ *which im keeping both of*.

I have also decided to sell some dolls of lately, A list of who is going: DD-06 *sold*(Sakura is being remade as a mdd at a later time ^^), DD Neris *still available* need to get pictures up of her for sale, vmf 50 Karura *sold*, Little Monica Irin *sold on layaway to a good friend*, and finally I will be selling my soul fantasy Seon Mun who will be going up for sale at some point.  Any interest in Neris or Seon mun just contact me on my facebook I'm Jenna Grat and yes I do layaways. ^^

To see all the dolls sold and any ones I didn't mention just visit the lost never forgotten page ^^.  Goodbye for now ;o

P.S> Obviously since Sakura is being remade no wand action pics for now, I didn't play Hakuoki for 3ds yet, and I would of had pukifee pictures but I am needing another magnet for her wings which I wont have til next doll meet sorry guys X.x
Expect more blogging soon though!