Naturally Cute: December 2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

~Harsh Reality~

So my title, Harsh Reality is about the craziness and mayhem that has been happening to me of late. About a week ago Friday night, I was talking on the phone to my friend Morgan when my back suddenly cracked aloud when I moved to the right. Since then my life has been turned upside down, I've had extreme dizziness everyday all the time, on and off nausea everyday, and back problems to wear I cant lay on my back or stoop down very well. I also get upper stomach cramps on occasion that are evil and don't dismiss when I eat to try to make them leave. I've been seeing a chiropractor pretty much about twice a week since that night. I'm also going to have to see a ear/nose/throat doctor soon to be tested for ear infections (My ears have been hurting recently so I'm kinda worried).  *My photo to the left, was taken before going to a knit meetup this past Wednesday,  the first place I've been able to go since my incident besides the chiropractor.*  This past weekend has also been a nightmare, my dog went to the vet for a shot she already had apparently and we lost the paperwork, my dad ended up getting dizzy and going to the doctor then the emergency room, our electricity was out alot of the morning, just one thing after the other.  I'm probably not even going to see my boyfriend this xmas. *tear*


               Besides all that crap, my computer needs more memory and I'm getting sick of deleteing photos I want to keep to get new ones, and making room for tiny video clips is getting close to impossible.  So I've been planning to look into laptops after Christmas!  Nothing to expensive but something I can call my own at least!  I am mostly interested in either a macbook or a dell with good battery time, a cd rom to play games/ watch dvds, be able to get online and such. I already comprized a wishlist on ^^

                                                                                                        *my dog
Dealing with the pain and misery of late has been tough, I wanted to thank my friends and especially my mother for getting me through all this shit.  My puppy also has been cheering me up lately, its hard to look at that little puffball and not cheer up some.  Also on the bright side I can do some little things like empty the top of the dishwasher, get the mail, and I helped my mother wrap some more gifts using a box so I didnt have to bend all the way down to wrap them, which actually works pretty well.  I won't let this stop me.
This past sunday I was actually able to get out for a little!  My mum and I went to a cute Japanese place for lunch and got some hibachi meals, green tea and eel and avacado sushi to share.  Then we did some light shopping at places like the dollar tree, fashion bug, and then altmeyers and target.  It was alot of fun and I was allowed to pick some things as well as help my mum buy for other people.

So onto doll news, I am placing an order for my newest doll either tomarrow or the next day.  She will be a Little Monica Irin msd girl.  I already have a wig coming for her and I have the eyes picked out I want and outfit, which I will order more likely once she ships unless I have the money sooner.  Little Monica is starting a sale soon so I would reccomend looking into them.  Besides that I recently got some more eraser props for my dolls and a cute travel set!  More info on the travel set soon ^^.

I'm not sure if this will be my last post before Christmas or not but I'll say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to all of you who read/share/follow me I hope you have a great one.  So long for now ^^ *poofs*