Naturally Cute: May 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

::1st day trip of the summertime!::

Hello ^^, after having a hectic week of muscle problems I can finally get to writing this post.  Beginning May, Mum and I had a quaint little visit to the downtown Pittsburgh area.  Once we found somewhere to park *parking can be hectic downtown* we went to the I Tea Cafe.  The little Cafe down the side street was amazing, it was very local oriented and had cooker tops in front of you when you sat down.  We ordered some appetizers as we were supposed to go to this Korean festival nearby later.  Mum and I shared the scallion pancake with beef, and steamed dumplings with sauce, the pancake was NOTHING like a breakfast pancake more like a little roll with goodies inside with dipping sauce.  Soon after we checked out shops on our way to the Korean Festival, of course checking out my favorite shop Kawaii Gifts!  You can see my haul below with the other pictures O_-.  When we got to the Korean Festival it was raining and the food didn't seem as appealing as we hoped, and the event was mostly outside the building.  We were both glad we stopped at the I Tea Cafe earlier.  On the way back I saw a huge store that had everything from unicorn plushies to Slytherin attire!  We also stopped by a old looking toy store that was just nostalgic to walk through.  Before heading home we stopped at Red Lobsters and tried there new special Seafood Trios for $15.99 each, there a limited time so if you want to check it out go to the website!

Okay so updates time!  The next post will be about Florida and my upcoming Birthday plans, but this will go back to right before vacation.  To your left is some stuff I purchased.  I found this adorable Chibi Moon plushie at FYE and had to buy it!  Just incase you didn't know I am obsessed with Chibi Moon and Sailor Venus but utmost Chibi Moon ^^.  My boyfriend bought me this adorable winged puppy zipper bag for like makeup or such, and I picked up a Miku Hatsune lanyard for future conventions, the regular ones kinda bore me tehe ^^.

I also was able to see Maleficent in theaters!  You must go see it I don't want to spoil the movie for you, but it's a movie I would actually own on dvd and I haven't said that in a while.

Finally, before vacation I managed to take my drivers knowledge test.  I actually passed the first time!  My mum rewarded me with a Miku Hatsune cup I wanted and some strawberry pocky!  Note to self: pocky stash low *NEED MORE POCKY*

Well, see you all next time I am going to go
see what I can do about this dire pocky situation *Waves