Naturally Cute: April 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

XxXCrazee TwistsXxX

My depression has been acting up a bit but I'm happy today so time for a post ^^.
I went to Tekkoshocon from April 4th-6th and had an AMAZING time.  I saw Gacharic Spin in concert Saturday night, attended a dance panel, saw new anime, did a lot of shopping, made friends, etc.  All the crazy awesomeness you'd expect from a con ^^.
Here are the pictures I took, not all of them are there of cosplayers because this year I made a video on my you tube of them located here:

Here is the other photos I managed to get ^^ Including the stash of goodies I bought
                  Click Here 

My Hakuoki Body Pillow isn't shown, but I will show you all once I get the pillow for inside the case ^^

Another Convention is just on the Horizon: Florida Anime Experience!  I will be attending on May 24th with my good friend Tara.  I am so excited to attend the Manga Library/Maid Café Latte, I am obsessed with maid café things and want to attend as many different café experiences as possible!  Fae con is smaller but its really fun and I know I'll have an amazing time.

While in Florida we also will be going to Epcot *my favorite Disney park* and a Universal park.

For dolly news I am going over all my dolls and changing things to make me happier, as in if they need sold or more so if they need a different wig or eyes, perhaps faceup etc.  So far I have new eyes for my Bambicrony Ellen Leira,and want to get my pukifee some new eyes as well.  I also have a new wig coming for my volks one off f-25 girl.

Not to much longer it will be my Birthday ^^ I am turning 25 ughhhhhhhh old XP.
Its at the end of June and I'll get to attend the Steel City Pet Expo as per usual ^^.  I already have the stuff picked out that I wanted mum to get me and its starting to arrive LOL.  I also have a Lolita Dress Indie Brand Pop Princess on Layaway for my Birthday, thanks so much Annika!

                                     You can find Annika's treasures for sale at: 

Finally, my Easter was pretty Blah, I got sick but the day before I hung out with my friend Paul and we saw the movie Oculus which was pretty good ^^.  For Easter though I got some Delicious Imported Biscotti *which is like a hard cookie esk dessert, though I call it dessert bread XP*  I wanted some Macarons at first but I couldn't find any nearby ah well.  Now for the Biscotti money shot LOL, until next time ;p

P.S> I entered my dog Prudence in this pet photo contest if you could click the heart under the large picture of the fluffy dog in a fairy outfit we both would appreciate it ^^.  Every vote counts!