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Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of summer flowers:

Unfortunately summer is coming to an end, but don't fret! I am here with some more updates and tidbits for you all! First let me be my silly self and recite a random poem about summer that I just made up literally right now *aherm*  

summer's here then summer's gone 
time for us to all move on 
when the sun ducks behind the clouds 
the sweet whisper of fall abounds
 so do not cry for I foresee
 pumpkins and a Happy Halloween! 

So enough of my tomfoolery XP, time for my news! Just recently I went to a fair! It was a large fair with all kinds of animals to see and Llamas for sale! *I kid you not there really were Llamas for sale XD* I got my picture riding a camel which was strange cause I'm scared to ride a horse, but hey camel! They had some wonderful jewelry deals there and I got 3 pieces for 10 bucks not bad huh? (earrings will be for julianne)

On a quick anime note* I went shopping at Fye recently and picked up some good deals ^^, a Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days manga vol 2 for like 4 bucks, and please teacher vol 2, *they didn't have vol 1 of either thing ^^* for a good deal.  I also got Miku  and Luka pins, but they weren't a steal in price XP.

On to dolls ^^, I'm so excited that my doll picnic is almost here!  We all get together at the park and eat, chat, and have a good time.  We also get to sell and buy things!  I think this year we might also get a pinata again!  I hope to make 
             cupcakes to bring ^^.
            I am going to take Julianne which is my newest girl, An Asleep Eidolon Ula girl.
            If you check under My Dolls you can see I have updated her profile ^^.  Also note   
            that Sakura is finished!  Pictures are soon to follow!  
Finally I just want to squee about google accepting my blog site into there search engine TYVM! OMGWTFBBQ!
Thats all for now but I'll be back with more zany blog posts soon!

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