Naturally Cute: ~AND a snowy new year~!

Monday, January 7, 2013

~AND a snowy new year~!

Ah so another new year! I haven't been feeling like blogging of late but I finally decided what the hey xD, not really sure how many people read my crazy shenanigans anyway. Feel free to post a comment so I know someone out there is reading this XD. 
      So lets see here for Christmas I got a boatload of things, I'll name some, but the list will get tediously long if I name to many.  I received my new doll a vmf 50 Karura, which is a limited edition vmf collab with real art project.  She is the 1st collab limited they did so she was a bit pricey.  I also got other things such as 2 anime dvd sets, new makeup set, a new manga, clothes, some necklaces, a keyboard, a new phone decal set, a Japanese relaxation cd, some berry blue earphones, a Japanese Immersion set for learning the language, a new Jewelry box, Gourmet popcorn set and etc etc.
From friends I received a cute pink cat bag from the con I went to with my friend Jen, a Cardcaptor Sakura cd from my friend ErsaFlora, my friend Alina in Denmark knitted me some things for my doll, *which was a total surprise*, and some friends I still need to exchange with XD.  After all that though I did actually see my boyfriend on Christmas and everything went alright.

           As for the new year I am still going to treatment for my spine and slowly recovering, though I still deal with constant dizziness and can not get in the shower without someone nearby to be there in case I fall or such.  At times the days are bad and I have to sleep a lot but sometimes I can get out and enjoy myself.  Just recently I went shopping and enjoyed a Chinese buffet.  We went to Burlington, and Target and places like that and I bought some new makeup brushes, and this adorable long over sweater with fur trim around the collar.  I even got a new makeup game for my DU DU DUM!  Nintendo Dsi I just ordered!  Going to hold off on the laptop for a bit till I can save more money for one.

Thankfully my mishap with my msd doll I ordered was just the site having errors and she was ordered alright.  Little Monica apologized and assured me.  I've been selling a lot recently not to buy other dolls but to buy a couple more things before I start to pay back my mother more, she is an angel and lends me money at times.  I'm currently offering dvds on facebook at $5.00 a piece with free shipping if you buy 2 or more and are located in the USA, I also have freebie pages for if you spend 10 dollars or more!  I also currently am selling things on amazon, for my amazon store go here *My Amazon Store*

So on an end note I updated another profile doll under my dolls for you all to check out, and I rejoined Poupee Girl!  I am mewstarri on there feel free to friend me. 
*to go to Poupee girl click the doll image below*

Next time look out for me messing with makeup!  
In addition to info about the doll sized travel kit I bought and much more!

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