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Sunday, March 17, 2013

*Emergen-C Updates*

Paid 1,300 owe mum 300 XP

I already have some important updates I want to go over in my blog so ta dah a post!
First off and most importantly *well to me* is my saving for a volks Lieselotte ^^.  I will update my tracker most likely *as long as I can find its password* as I continue to save and put the blood, sweat, tears into my sales to bring this lovely child home.  

 The dolls that have been sold and will be updated to the Lost never Forgotten page are as follows: Dollfie Dream Escalayer, Dollfie Dream Sakuno, and Angell Studio's Qinglin. As well as I'm expecting my newest
dolly an NT Crystal by the end of April, so excited about that ^O^. 

 As in other news I bought myself something for once! *well besides doll things and anime*
Its a little Alpaca coin purse ^^.  It seems the Alpaca's are getting popular in Lolita wear today, and I may be getting a Lolita Outfit to wear to FAE *Florida Anime Experience*  That is as long as my health holds up.  The past week I have been suffering from extreme nausea and I barely have the desire to eat anymore.  I had some nachoes and salsa and mexican rice the one night and that was really the only thing I cared about eating XD.

However, I am seeing the doctor this Monday and as long as it isn't anything serious we should be able to book our Florida get away, Heres hoping ><. This blog post was short, but sometimes I may do shorter ones more often. Hope you all are doing well and enjoy your day! See ya ^^

(The 2 hair accesories and the Sanrio Pass case were both freebie gifts from the seller!) 

Also note I have added more songs to my facebook page:

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