Naturally Cute: Holidays & Miracles!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Holidays & Miracles!

Happy Holidays ^^, I am back to get one more post in before Christmas time. As usual I have TONS to catch you guys up on. Were going to start with I got my test results back! From the unpleasant testing it is apparent I have the following *you may look things up if your more curious about the conditions*:leaky gut syndrome, adrenal fatigue, a good bacteria I was supposed to have and never did and some low levels in other bacterias. They noted something about my blood sugar going down but i am still not conclusive of what that may be, I also have to discontinue the use of the pill due to it rising my estrogen levels exponentially and putting me at risk for cancer. *yes cancer I was shocked too* All in all however, this special diet I am on should heal my gut overtime and help with some of my other symptoms such as dizziness so I am hopeful. The holidays being so near is going to be a challenge with what I can and can't eat but my mom is supportive and found a lot of good options for our Christmas dinner. The kind of diet I am on is specified to me personally but loosely based off of Paleo beliefs, it's actually more strict then Paleo is to start with until more foods are introduced back. None the less I am excited for Christmas I wish it was here already >< !?!? 

                                                                   (yup it's me)
 Beginning of December was an Anime Convention I was really looking forward to that I have never been: Sangawa 2014! It's a Anime Con for adults 18+, there were more risque panels and drinking going on but it was a lot of fun and trust me I didn't really miss having the little kids walking around. I actually ended up drinking *due to my boyfriends generous wager* with my best friend and we both got drunk. NEVER AGAIN but it was fun and I literally stuck my tongue out each sip of that blasted smirnoff I had. Some great panels I remember were the fetishes panel, learning about Asian monster legends, Hack Sign in the video room, writing my own dating sim, and this panel where a singer made up songs based on what we requested. Besides that the room hangouts with Lizzi, Dana, Barb, Alex, Sean, Adam, and others were extremely fun. We played cards against humanity and just goofed around and had a good time. Our pictures can be found here *18+:Sangawa Photos!

Speaking of Sangawa, that's where me and my bestie Barbara exchanged Christmas gifts!  Look at the haul of awesomeness I received! 

On to dolls, I decided to sell my Reimu Hakurei DDS due to a very dream doll of mine appearing for sale *she is also a dd*.  In short she is coming home and Reimu is heading out.  I recently received a new doll skirt in this awesome trade I did, lucky enough she was an etsy seller with some skills and I got a nice skirt out of it!  My awesome friend Meredith send me a cute hoodie thats blue with a heart on it for my dollies, and that's about all the items for them recently they got TONS at Dollism.

My boy is almost paid off, Soom Dimo will be coming home soon: $220/$300

Also my FCS SYSTEM is home!  Her head is off getting a face up from the talented Chi No Tenshi *check my affiliate links.*  However, I have some box opening pics cause I found it a special occasion, so enjoy ^^. 

If your new to my blog website you can find my lolita page here:

I post pictures of my coords, updates, etc and I promote certain resellers so you'll find lots of good off brand stuff for sale.  If your interested in lolita or lolita pics you def should check it out ^^.

Until next time lovelies, have a happy holiday and a merry new year!

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