Naturally Cute: Smappy New Year!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Smappy New Year!

This is my first blog posting ^^. A little obvious but i'm excited. This blog will be about my life and my asian ball jointed dolls. If you don't know what those are please refer to Wiki.

So down to business. Right now I have several dolls coming home to me ^^. A lovely dollmore paran, shes a full set version. Then I have a asleep eidolon ula on layaway. I'm lucky that site does long layaways -_-, she is a limited edition and otherwise would not have been able to have her.  Finally just as of Friday January 6th, I was able to get one of my top sd's Ive been wanting, an Angell Studio Qinglin. She is so beautiful, again on layaway.  I am so glad they offer layaway, and to think I used to thought id never need to use it X.x. So now I am just working on getting those layaways finished, and saving any extra money towards my goal ticker *at bottom*
for that limited msd I desire. Also I will be listing sales on here, you will be able to contact me from my facebook or email to purchase. Signing off and getting some rest.

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