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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Order up!~

I'm back ^^, I returned home on Thursday evening, but was pretty exhausted and went to bed.  It's Saturday now, and a perfect time to be blogging.  It's snowing outside and what do you know: my leekeworld order came in!

To clarify I ordered: New brushes, 2 pairs of glass eyes, and a new wig. The card thingy is pretty cool but it says Leekeworld lottery number @_@. I'm going to be investigating what is going on ^^.

From a while ago I need to report on my wonderful camera, the Fujifilm F600 EXR. I have to say I absolutely love this camera! With it's many different modes, such as pet modes and modes with face tracking, plus all its other features like: 15 times zoom, built in photo albums, seperate modes for cat and dog photos, pop up flash, and image stabilization. This camera is well worth the money. Cameraland on ebay is also a great place to buy a camera from, I was able to get a 3 year warranty for a mere 30 dollars. My camera also came with cool extras like a cleaning kit, camera holding case, and more.

Okay so winding up this blog post, My AS girl qinglin is finally paid off and im waiting for her to ship! My new couch is here, and my other dollmore order has already shipped as well. Im waiting on my yingying's wig and some treats for my dolls ^^.

Also a nice lady named Elisabeth preferred to be called Iza has shown me this lovely book that she has made. I found it interesting and wanted to plug it here on my blog.

*The site appears to be down at the moment but she is selling her how to do faceups book at this address when it comes back up*

Whelp its about time for me to end this post, and just to let you all know I was able to get my dream H Naoto outfit, channel H ^O^ I plan to put my girl in it and get some photos up soon in the my dolls and the in the moment sections. Happy Valentines to all and to all a XP.

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