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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Great b@lls of Random

Time again for another segment of updates and blabber. In this edition *yes like a magazine* I am going to go over some things I found out as well as show you my recent shopping steals, *aka items I got for a great price*, and also let you know whats going on with my dolls/life/ dolls life.

 I've found that if you want to add some gems or some tiny tattoos to your dolls without having to paint them on or worry about them looking fake/unnatural, 3d nail art stickers are the way to go.  Make sure you buy the ones that are just the design though and not the decals for your nail layout ones.  This is why its important to make sure you search the word 3D if buying online, I get mine off of ebay and there very inexpensive.  You also can find these in stores where beauty products are sold ^^.

This past weekend I was able to do a little splurging on myself yes myself! for once.  I bought these lovely dollhouse high heeled shoes, they have a lacing on them and bows and look very lolita esk to me, only 30 dollars! Now i'm sure my feet won't be so happy but at least they will look good. Aherm anyway, I also found this awesome cute bag/purse that matches them for a great price at 14 dollars!

And so onto my dolls, my shiny petsha head is finally finished and shipping back to me shortly. The person doing her faceup didn't take long at all but the person before her, lets just say months and months and NO FACEUP.  My doll I finished the layaway for from Angell Studio is proceeding to get her faceup and will ship out later in march, SO EXCITED.

 So now your know and before I sign off, wanted to update you I will be cosplaying soon at Tekkoshocon in March!  I ordered a Miku Hatsune The World is Mine costume! I am collecting all the pieces for the outfit accessories and have most of them, I just hope my costume gets done and gets here fast ><. Until next time O_-

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