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Monday, April 23, 2012

~Swingin on by~

Sorry for the goofy title but I just watched George of the Jungle 2 yesterday! Yes it exists, and no its not as good as the first, but worth a look into anyway for some laughs. Today's post however will be mainly about updates, excitement, and Mothers Day!

If you can't guess from the sparkley gif above, were starting with Mothers Day! Are you looking for the perfect gift but don't have a million dollars to spend? Well I found my solution! Ulta, that would has a fantastic special going on right now! You buy a fragrance for 30 dollars or more and get a free tote bag of your choice with purchase! Not only that you even get 3 free samples with your order! If your order reaches up to 51 dollars or more you get free shipping. Ulta is def my hero this mothers day. However, if your really strapped for cash Id recommend just making something yourself, or taking mum out to a place for lunch, mom's love it when they don't have to cook ^^.

Now onto excitement! If you didn't guess yet were going backwards in the way I listed things ^^. I'm very excited because my birthday is coming up at the end of June! I have tons of rare Cardcaptor Sakura items coming that I bought some of and my mum bought some of, and since Im a huge Cardcaptor Sakura fan I am just bowled over in happiness XD. I hope to do a Sakura/Cherry Blossom theme party as well. Not all items were exactly easy or fun to acquire, but I didn't find all of them alone just most. My good amazing friend known as coley to me or to you the owner of ersa flora eyes, helped me search tediously for some of the rarer items, i'm greatly in debt to her with gratitude.I am so used to searching for the main character in her Japanese form カードキャプターさくら now, because I was doing it everyday several times a day XD. I can relax now that I only have one item left to get, but for any of you who don't know about this anime check it out here *Wikipedia* and warning the dub is completely different then the Japanese version.

Finally to updates! First off you will notice the picture of the clow cards right above this, guessed it! They are indeed for sale! I am taking offers on them preferably in cash. These are the original legit clow cards from trendmaster, the american version.
Also on updates I have indeed started to do profiles of my dolls! You can see them listed in the My Dolls section, I hope to get up more soon. Well thats it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading and see you all next time ^^ *this is not a tv show I assure you, even if kero thinks it is ><*

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