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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cons and more Cons @_@

I am here! Back from Tekkoshocon X! Writing a little late but I was pretty exhausted, I attended the con on friday, saturday, and sunday! So first off I want to share my loot/booty! ^lolz from the con.

(2 anime plushies, a super cool dvd fullset, a bag of trading figures from pangya golf, and a Mikuru Asahina pvc figure!)

Besides the awesome dealers room, I have a lovely set of photos to share with you all, including one of me and my friend Jen (me as Miku Hatsune *the world is mine* and jen as Teto! Also you can see a little of the dealers room XP it wasn't huge but it was decent.

Click me for the pics!

 While at the con, I did some fun things you didn't get to see too. Such as visit with my friend Deanna and play rock band on the video game floor.  I got to talk to some staff members who were very nice, watched some moon phase, power rangers, fooly cooly, (prob other things I dont remember as much) and dragon boy which was just plain odd, trust me.  There was an anime trivia game show, and I listened to the band known as Sound Witch.  All in all it was a great experience although they only had some kinda karaoke thing on thursday ><.

Before I head out I wanted to mention I will be attending another con soon! Please click on the banner incase you might want to attend also! Piecez out *

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