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Monday, October 15, 2012

Txt in the Rain

Okay so I'm not actually in the rain, but it's raining outside and I've been feeling dark and cloudy of late.  My weekend was a total bust, I was supposed to try to do something both days and it ended up just NOT happening.  It didn't help that I was sick on and off all weekend as well.   

Well today I'm finally able to get a new post done yay!  Unfortunately no update pics cause my camera decided it wanted to have no battery life ^^.  It must be having a bad day as well.  However not to fear!  I will use little crazy gif images to keep your and my own spirits up.

Click here for more graphics and gifs! 

Hmm so updates updates*  I usually have more of a planned out criteria of what I want to say but my life has been so zany lately I'm just going to wing it ^O^.

Doll wise, I already have a girl coming as my main Xmas prezzie for this year.  More detail's when she gets home, but I won her off of YJ! and she is a rarer sort of mold.  Since mum was nice and decided to pay for all of her *I was originally going to chip in 200-300 despite her being for Xmas* I was able to go on a little shopping spree for my dolls ^^.  Things like clothes and accessories mostly, you'll see as I get pictures and such.

Click here for more graphics and gifs!

I didn't however just spend all that money on myself ^^, I spread the cheer by getting
both my parents Jewelry this year along with some small extra.  I also exchange with my friend Jen and my boyfriend every year, though I'm waiting til November for the boyfriend.  Besides that I got one non doll thing!  I finally got my dream Slytherin Scarf ordered!  I have wanted it for so long and finally its on its way to me in the mail ^^.

As for other Christmas fun, I'm doing 2 secret santas!  One on my anime facebook group, and one at my local doll meetup!  It should be tons of fun can't wait!  I will share the results with you here!

Click here for more graphics and gifs!    Don't think I forgot about Halloween coming ^^,  I'm planning on going to The Scarehouse with my boyfriend and some other people this friday night!  I will be sure to update you all with my experience there!

 Finally new info about the CCS Projecto!  Sakura has a new talented seamstress because unfortunately the other one didn't work out as planned.  I wanted to give Sarah a huge thank you for this opportunity and I'm excited to see her works when there completed.
 Also a big thank you to my one friend on facebook for giving me a free fairy outfit for sakura! *you know who you are*

Click here for more graphics and gifs!*Tis the season for giving and before I forget I promised a girl that I would advertise her doll sale on my website blog to help her sell it ^^.

The doll in question is a dollfie dream dynamite Miu Amaha, you can find all her information here: Miu Amaha Purchase Info  

 Well that's all I have for you this time, please come back, and I hoped you enjoyed my segment ^^. 

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