Naturally Cute: _-Sunscapes of a Storm-_

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

_-Sunscapes of a Storm-_

      Okay so before I get on to some of my shill I am going to give my report on The Scarehouse. 

I'm happy to report I'd give The Scarehouse a 3.5 out of 5.

The line to get in was pretty horrendous, and I feel the displays of past movie posters on the walls before you go in were cliche and I didn't like the movie choices.  Once inside the first part with the toys and dolls was not what I would of hoped for.  I would say that was the main part I didn't care for, from then on the Christmas world was cool with its bright colors and 3d effects.  Near the end of the Christmas world was a thing you walk through that spins around you, I must say I absolutely hate those.  However , there is a trick to avoid getting dizzy: Just walk through with your eyes shut, hopefully you go with friends who can tell you when your on the other side.  After that you go into a world of zombies trying to get you!  This in my opinion was fantastic a lot of gore but you feel like your in a zombie movie trying to survive, and I loves me zombie movies XP.  So all in all I had a decent time and it's worth checking out if you have some extra cash laying around. 

(Also note the entertainers outside this year were fun and creepy) 

*Halloween here like everywhere else nearby, has been moved to Saturday due to storms*

 *So next up is my list of things I bought!  So I can track everything*
-tiny size sweater- (X)
             -tiny size leggings- (X)
           -cat headband- (X)
                                                          -special preorder wig- (X)
                                                                                                  -small pink wig- (X)
                                                                                                  -msd kimono- (X)
                                                                                                  -2 outfit commissions-*canceled*
                                        -Ersaflora eyes- (X)
All received ^O^  

Whew, so on to what I've been up to.  It was my friend Jen's bday this past weekend and the day after we went to a dollhouse convention!  It was for the miniature dollhouses but they have some things that will work for bjd dolls!  Mainly the msd or yo size or smaller, if you have a pukipuki like everything will work though!  I purchased a msd sized scale, tiny picture frame, a cute magic looking box, and I bought my tiny sized girl her own fish in a bowl ^^.  It's worth going even if you don't shop much just to see the dollhouse displays and all the mini props available, it's amazing all they have for those houses they even have things like tiny jacks sets, fireplaces, spooky props and potions and amazing gardening display pieces!

Besides that i've been inside alot were getting new flooring and its noisy and non comfy at home right now, not to mention only one workable toilet X.x

This is complexed girl signing off and wishing you a Happy Halloween whether you celebrate it wednesday or not ^^  

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