Naturally Cute: ~Lieselottes homecoming/ Sales n' Shoppin~

Friday, May 3, 2013

~Lieselottes homecoming/ Sales n' Shoppin~

  The day has finally come, Lieselotte is home ^^.  This is her before picture she will be going to the fabulous Vitta Vera for a new makeover.  I do love this makeup, but it is not right for the character I am making her into.  The lips will be not as thick and the eye makeup will be less dark.  Thats all I will say about it for now though ^^.  After she is done her name will be granted, in this picture she is wearing the default wig I chose for her, and a cute outfit I bought from her seller.  Her eyes will also be changed once she is completed.

 This is the crazy awesome amount of free things I got with Lieselotte! Thanks so much Stefania!
  •  Leekeworld Wig
  • Dollheart Wig
  • A pair of black boots 
  • A free cute outfit!  

Besides my girl's homecoming, I have been doing some shopping and selling, a whole lot of selling lately thanks to awesome people on facebook!  I know without them I wouldn't be able to spoil my girls and boys as much you rock! 

Before I continue I wanted to take a minute to acknowledge my other new doll Makoto Shishidou, she is a Ntdoll Crystal.  I did do box opening pictures and was going to make a post on her originally, however there was an accident.  I was changing Makoto's regular feet to her high heeled ones, and couldn't get the hook into the one foot.  This made me angry and I stupidly took the hemostat off which was clamping it.  The hook was going into the leg and with only a split seconds thought I reached for it and it went right into my finger....
After I eventually was able to twitch my finger enough to get the hook to slide off it, I was bleeding pretty badly and couldn't continue the box opening.  I do however plan to get her profile up in the my dolls section soon.

Okay so back to my sales and buying ^^. As a thank you to all recent customers when I went shopping after Tekkoshocon I picked up some bags of Asian Candy! I have baked goods, jelly candies, and some hard soda pop flavored ones! Here they are shown below, though I am now running low on the baked goods yummy! 

  So before I head out, I wanted to share a few brief images of the stuff i'm getting ^^.


 Really rare pretty baby tee from softly she walks!

             Pretty wrappings, decora tape,and kitties!     

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