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Sunday, May 19, 2013

My night at Brianne's

Ah welcome back ^^, this post is all about my night at Brianne's.  Brianne is a good friend of mine I met at doll club.  last doll club I came over her house afterwards, and we had a lot of fun.  We went into her doll room and worked on my mariko's neck, *she has a small dot stain* we saw the kitties, *she has 3!*  and watched anime til early in the morning!
I crashed in her guestroom around 3:30 am, I was exhausted X.x

In the morning we got up semi early and had some breakfast while going online.  I corrupted her with some Dr. Tran youtube videos XP.  P.S. If you haven't seen Dr. Tran you need to go on youtube and look them up asap! XD trust me.  Anyway, before we headed back to my place, saw my dog, and had a fantastic Japanese lunch at Tsuki, we took doll pics! This is one of the few photo stories i've ever done and I am not so good at it.  I will try to do more in the future anywho......

~Presenting a Sleepover Story by Brianne and I~        *I will use doll hair color names to   make this easier to read*

 Green : Thanks for inviting me over to stay you guys!

Red: No problemo

Pink: Of course!

 Green : Oh wow thanks for baking cupcakes, I love green anything!

Red: Time for games!

Pink: Oh cupcakes I want this one and......

Green : *minding her own business*

Red: Hmm this puzzle is hard

Pink: Whatcha doing red OO

 Green :Oh a puzzle, I wanna help!

Red: Okay ^o^

Pink: Oh Oh me 2!

Green: Hmmm according to my calculations that piece goes there.

Red: Wow your right, I forgot you were part computer OO

Pink: I am so lost x.x
 Green: Great idea red!

Red: Hehehe Oh yeah!

Pink: Come on guys 2 against one isn't fair!

 Green: Were going to get you!

Red: *giggles*

Pink: Nuuuuuuu!

 Green: *thinking: Awe sisterly love*

Red: Here comes the tickle monster!

Pink: ahhhh omg stop it red X,x *giggles 

*and there you have it, hopefully my wording didn't suck to badly ^^*

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