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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Beautifully Summer:::

Hello there!  It's ALMOST my birthday so I wanted to get one more post in before that ^^.  (I'll be turning 25 ugh X.x)  Anywho, I have a decent amount of updates to go over so lets get started shall we?

First we'll start with the really exciting stuff, I have all my pictures uploaded from my Florida vacation and FAE anime con 2014!  

Click Here for FAE 2014 photos!

So even though FAE is a smaller con and I didn't buy much the 2 things I did buy are so adorable ^^.  A Sailor Venus plushie and Nyanpire wallet ^o^.

Near the end of July due to my dizzyness issues I get to see an Endocrnologist, we believe my blood pressure drops and we hope to find a solution to better my health.  I however, am scared though as I prob will have to do blood tests for a variety of things.

At least I have something to look forward to though, it's official that i'm attending Dollism Plus USA in New York in September!  I am going with my best friend forever Barbara, and we have bus tickets and our Dollism tickets, we have our hotel booked etc etc!  

That is why I am going to be selling a lot of anime things I don't need anymore along with doll things.  Please look under my Sales Page on this blog for the link to my bjd items and I will be adding a link for my anime sales there as well.  If you can't access them and don't use facebook you can go to my contact me page and email me to see what I have.

That's all til after my birthday. Stay tuned for more website updates, I will be adding more to all of my pages.  I also hope to make a page somewhere *hopefully on this blog* for my lolita pics and coords ^^.  Ja Ne friends!

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