Naturally Cute: ~Bday/Craziness & Cons~

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

~Bday/Craziness & Cons~

So before we get to the Birthday I have some Craziness to Discuss with you all.  My dizziness has been horrible recently, So I saw an Endocrinologist who wanted me to get Blood Work and such.  Well I failed miserably at trying to do that and now I have weird stomach cramping problems that are especially unhappy when I eat things X.x.  Sickness and feeling weak/miserable, is why it can take me so long sometimes to get these posts up, but I am trying my best! I do appreciate anyone who reads my stuff!

*I received a lot of my money for my Birthday and bought tons of new Lolita!  Please like my page and go here to check out new info on Lolita and Coords^^  Click Here!

                              Learn Japanese~Ichigo means Strawberry!                                       

 I started to get these Japanese
snack assortments in the mail!  

They are sample size quantities and I think healthier then large American snacks which I'm cutting down on.  This month's assortment is to your right>

I feel I got a pretty good hall can you name most of them?

I decided to get some new things before having to save most of it for Dollism and a secret*. *keep reading ^^*  Here is a comprised picture of some of my goodies ^^

*I actually will be buying a new doll sometime soon ^^.  She is the *secret* Unless you can guess this picture correctly, your going to have to wait til she comes home ^^.*

Before this post ends wanting to tell you guys I will be attending Steel City Comic Con this Saturday!  I will be wearing a cute new Lolita coord!  I will try to get some pictures for you all, I never been to a Comic Con before so I'm really excited!

See you soon JA NE!

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