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Saturday, November 10, 2012

*Weekend Fluff!*

Konbanwa ^O^, it's evening here and I'm in a rather good mood, wondering why? Well of course I'm here to tell you!

Well first off my day was fantastic!  I went to this little craft show nearby and scored and apron that will work for my dolls and little present boxes for Christmas!  Weirdest part? They were only 10 cents a piece for the boxes!  Total score aherm* anywho -o-

So after that I got my hair done and went to Red Lobsters for lunch!  Which incase you didn't know crab fest is going on!  If your in love with crab like I am you'll want to get your butt there pronto.  Even if your not into crab they have a 4 course meal: soup, salad, entree, and dessert for $15.99 right now!  It's a limited time so I'd reccomend going soon.

Before we went home I stopped by DSW shoes and got 2 cute new pairs, silver tennis shoes with stars on them and a cute new pair of boots for winter, might model the boots when it gets colder ^^.

 Ta dah!  My beautiful girl Angora is modeling her new shirt ^^ I decided to try my luck with a Dollheart Fukubukuro bag this year for msd!  This is the first year I've bought one and I received: The shirt in the photo, cute leopard strapped black boots, a black zipper up jacket, leather pants *sold those* and a cute bow choker necklace with a kerchief piece.  I was pretty happy with my bag and will try to get one next year as well.
You will be able to view this photo in all its glory under my In the Moment gallery section.

In other news you'll notice from my last post I checked off a few incoming items I received.  The pink wig is for my Christmas doll so I wont be displaying that,  soon as I get the leggings in though I will show the outfit on my tiny.

Finally I'm getting pumped for next weekend!  Thursday night my friend Jen will be sleeping over and going with me all day Friday to this small anime con in our area.  I am going to be doing a cosplay of Maka from Soul Eater, I already have the costume so I figured why not.  Then come Saturday there is a huge craft show going on that I'm going to check out!  So I'm totally booked next weekend ^O^.

Well thats all I have for now, keep watching my blog and stay tuned for more!

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